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Dharani Abacus is the Result Oriented Institution & We Conduct Online & Offline Classes


Leading and Best Abacus Training Institutes in Tirupati

Dharani Abacus in one of the Leading and Best Abacus Training Institutes in Tirupati. We guide our students to learn basic and advanced concepts to have strong foundation on all the school subjects.

We conceived Dharani institution in the year 2007 with a 2 students and slowly grown by leaps and bounds to 510 students which is really unimaginable over the 15 years some decade Thousands of students trained from us. They succeeded in their life. Many parents expressed their opinion that Dharani Abacus is really boon to the children. More over our parents and our students have mutual understanding and co-operations which even the parent’s ex-told to us. Dharani Abacus helps the students in thier Maths calculations easier to perform well in their Academics. Also Dharani Abacus is one of the best Maths Tuition Centers in Tirupati.

Dharani Abacus is one of the leading institutes for empowerment. This institute established in the year 2007, manned by professionals who had an experience in kid’s education and training. Dharani Abacus is one of the best schools and tuition institutes in Tirupati.


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Children learn BAsic and Advanced math's from Dharani Abacus

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Dharani Abacus  

What we do.

Ensures accurate math’s calculations

Several key disciplines of higher education require strong arithmetic skills. The Dharani Abacus enables children to learn math’s the fun way and perform highly complex calculations quickly and easily, paving the way for future success.

Enhances listening skills

In addition to helping children develop their listening skills, ‘DHARANI Abacus’ dictation exercises improve their receptiveness to knowledge and information.

Boost confidence

Dharani Abacus provides children with not only the ability to excel in arithmetic but also a wide range of other life skills and abilities. So they are brimming with self-confidence and succeed in all walks of life.

Improves visual memory

The ability to remember things as pictures is referred to as visual memory. A child with better visual memory will be able to study and comprehend new material more quickly because they will be able to visualize and remember what they are studying. Children who have poor visual memory will have difficulty copying notes from the blackboard because they cannot keep in their memory what they saw in the board, so they must keep revisiting it. Dharani Abacus, children learn how to imagine an abacus tool in their minds and calculate using it, which in turn improves visual memory.

Develops children into better learners

All of these skills contribute to the children being better learners, both at school and throughout their lives.

Increases Children’s Concentration

The Concentration is like a muscle that strengthens with a regular exercise. While some children are born with better attention, all children can engage in practices that help to ameliorate their capability to concentrate. Capability to concentrate is a veritably important skill that children need to acquire; the academy demands that scholars concentrate for longer stretches of time. Dharani Abacus improves the Concentration levels of the children in a structured way by giving Mathematics exercises of increased a complexity with every position.

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